About the Border Collie Breed

Border Collies are regarded to have a keen intelligence, and are capable of understanding and completing really complex tasks. On top of this, they are hugely energetic and have a really strong work ethic. In our experience, Collies are also enormously sensitive and loving dogs who develop extremely strong bonds with their owners – sometimes, to the point where it feels they can read your mind! 

Border Collies are, we think, the best breed of dog that’s out there (it’s not like we’re biased or anything!) That said, we also know that a Border Collie is not necessarily a breed for everyone. In fact, when it comes to deciding whether a Border Collie is for you, there are loads of different areas to learn about.

Luckily, that’s what this section is all about! Here, we cover everything we can about the Border Collie breed. So whether you’re wondering about whether a Border Collie is right for your lifestyle, or curious about the average price of a Border Collie puppy, we’ve hopefully got it covered! 

What is the average life expectancy of a border collie?

If you’re researching the Border Collie breed, or already own one of these amazing dogs, then you may be wondering what the average life expectancy of a Border Collie is. Well, you’re in luck. This article is all about out.the average lifespan of Border Collies and it gives further information on the average lifespan of…

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Are Border Collies good for first time owners? (myth Busting!)

If you’re wondering about getting a Border Collie puppy as your first dog then this is the article for you! Sometimes a lot gets written online about the fact that border collies are challenging dogs to own. With that comes some lazy assumptions that Border Collies are not good “beginner dogs” for new or inexperienced…

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16 Questions to Ask when Buying a Border Collie Puppy

Firstly, congratulations on wanting to buy a Border Collie puppy! Border Collies are wonderful dogs, with heaps of energy and intelligence to match. When you are trying to find a good breeder, it is important to prepare some questions to ask when buying a Border Collie puppy. These questions will help you to understand what…

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Border Collies vs Australian Shepherds. Which Breed?

So you are ready to get a new pooch, you have narrowed it down to two breeds. The Border Collie vs the Australian Shepherd. But which one do you choose? Both come from similar backgrounds as herding dogs, both are gorgeous medium-sized dogs, and both make amazing pets. It really is no wonder it’s so…

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Border Collie Quiz – is a Collie right for you?

Wondering whether a Border Collie dog is the right breed for you? Well why not take our Border Collie quiz? Whether you already know, or just want to find out, we’ve designed this quiz to help you find out! All you need to do is answer the breed selector questions we’ve put together based on…

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