About us

Hello and welcome to Collie Perfect! We’re Suzie and Matt – a couple from England, who are mad about Border Collies! We created this site to help make new Border Collie owners’ lives just that little bit easier no matter where you live. 

Both of us come from farming backgrounds (dairy, not sheep farming) and have grown up with Border Collies as pets rather than full-on working dogs. That said, they were still glued to us when we were working on our family farms – whether that was mending fences in the freezing rain, or putting out the morning feed at 6am. 

Since starting our life together, we’ve both started careers that are a world away from farm life, but the one thing we’ve always kept constant is our absolute love of Collies. Currently, we are the proud dog-parents of two gorgeous Border Collies – Mila and Izzy. We love them both dearly, and they truly do complete our family.

Why we created this site

We raised Mila from a puppy, but adopted Izzy as a rescue pet when she was two.  Despite being very experienced with the Border Collie breed, with Izzy we had to start from square-one. Her previous owners had obviously not trained her or treated her well, and, if truth be told, it was a lot of hard work to restore her confidence and trust in humans.  

In fact, it was this experience with Izzy that led us to create this site. Starting from scratch, as we did with Izzy, made us realise just how daunting Border Collie ownership can be for new owners. In Izzy’s case, we had to go back to basics with everything from toilet training and basic obedience and deal with some quite distressing separation anxiety and destructive behaviours. 

We realised that had we not been so experienced with the breed, that we really would have struggled to cope in the first year. But, when we searched online for extra tips for Border Collie owners, we found that much of the advice out there just wasn’t very helpful. As a result, we decided to create this site to provide real advice to real owners in a way that is hopefully helpful, friendly and supportive.

Our Values 

You know that saying there’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners? Well we think that pretty much sums our values up when it comes to all things dogs. We truly do believe that all dogs deserve to be loved and cared for in a way that is positive and supportive. We believe that dog training should be based on positive praise, and this is especially true when it comes to Collies if you want to see just how much they can flourish. 

We write all articles on this site from this perspective – we never give advice on things we know nothing about, and never recommend a product that we haven’t or wouldn’t use ourselves. 

Are We Border Collie Experts? 

Well, kind of. We both have grown up with Border Collies, and the Collies we’ve owned have lived in both a typical farm setting as well as with us in our now more suburban life. As a result, we feel we’re pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Border Collies, but we’re not perfect. Like all people, we learn new things every day, make mistakes and learn from them. 

Of course, we’ll pass this knowledge on, but we never consider ourselves to be absolute experts – we’re just a normal, dog-loving, couple. 

It’s important to also say that we’re not vets, dog behaviourists, dog psychologists or anything like that! All of the information on this website is there to be helpful, but we really would urge everyone to work with a professional if they are unsure about a particular issue. And, it’s important to remember that what works for us, may not work for you! 

How can we be contacted? 

Well, that’s super simple – we have a contact page! 

How can you support this site? 

We’ve put a lot of work into this site out of genuine love for Border Collies and to provide a useful, free resource for new and would-be Border Collie owners. If we can save just one Border Collie from going through the experience that Izzy had, then we’ve done our job! 

We don’t have a marketing budget, a team of writers, or anything like that – it’s just us. As a result, if you’d like to support this site (thanks!) please help spread the word. When people share our articles on Social Media, it really does make our day and help us feel like what we’re doing is making a difference. 

Does this site make money? 

We wish! Seriously though, we get a small fee of money when people buy products we recommend (if someone clicks through and buys them). That doesn’t cost people any extra and doesn’t exactly mean we’re completely rolling in cash. It is a way, though, that we help to cover the costs of keeping the website up and running. And who knows, if there’s anything left over, we can buy some more doggy toys!   

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