Border Collie Health and Care

When it comes to owning a Border Collie, there’s so much to consider when it comes to health and care. Generally, Border Collies are regarded as a healthy dog breed, although that’s not to say there aren’t some common health issues. 

On top of this, while Border Collies aren’t exactly grooming divas, there’s certainly lots of things that new owners should be doing to keep on top of everyday grooming requirements. 

In this section, we aim to provide as many real-life tips to real owners as possible about health and care for Border Collies. We aim to cover everything we know about general health issues, grooming requirements, as well as food and nutrition. 

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Pros & Cons: Is Raw Food Good for Border Collies?

When it comes to feeding your Border Collie you probably want what’s best for your four-legged friend. You may have even heard about the concept of feeding raw food for pets down at the dog park as popularity has grown substantially over the last decade. Is raw food good for Border Collies, and what are…

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Safe Fruit for Border Collies – Quick, Simple Guide

We love sharing our food with Border Collies, but always find ourselves asking questions like: can Border Collies eat apples? What about watermelon? For things we’re unfamiliar with, we always end up searching for the answers online. So, to help us remember, and to help fellow Border Collie owners, here’s a guide to the different…

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Cutting Your Border Collies Nails (Quick Guide)

When it comes to owning a Border Collie, good nail care is surprisingly important. Trimmed nails ensure that your pooch is walking comfortably and on their feet properly. You see when nails get too long, they can cause a dog to lean back in their paaws, and this in turn puts a lot of pressure…

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How to bath and dry a Border Collie? How Often?

If your border collie is anything like our border collies, then you’ll find yourself facing a not-so-nice doggy smell once in a while. It could be because they have rolled in something questionable, or because they have picked up dirt and mud from walks abound the woods! This may leave some new owners wondering how…

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Border Collie Teeth, Gums and Oral Health Care (How to Guide)

Border Collies, unfortunately, aren’t known for having the best set of teeth in the dog breed world. In this article, we delve into everything an owner needs to know about Border Collie oral health, from how to clean your Border Collies Teeth, to how to cure Border Collie bad breath.  From our own experience of…

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Border Collie Weight Chart (How much should your Collie weigh?)

Have you ever wondered what your Border Collie should weigh? What weight your Collie should be at six months? Well, we’ve kept a regular record of our Collies’ weight and used that data to create a variety of weight charts to help you understand the likely weight and growth of your Border.  Understanding your Border…

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