Border Collie Quiz - is a Collie the right breed for me

Border Collie Quiz – is a Collie right for you?

Wondering whether a Border Collie dog is the right breed for you? Well why not take our Border Collie quiz?

Whether you already know, or just want to find out, we’ve designed this quiz to help you find out!

All you need to do is answer the breed selector questions we’ve put together based on our experience as Border Collie owners. Once you’ve answered, simply click on the results button at it will calculate an answer based on your responses.

Don’t worry – your questions aren’t saved, and we don’t ask for your email address either!

Take the Border Collie quiz:

Welcome to our very own Border Collie Quiz! Use the navigation buttons to take you through a series of questions that we (Suzie and Matt) have put together. We designed to help you see whether you're likely to be a good fit for a Border Collie.

Don't worry - there are no hoops to jump through at the end to get your results and your answers don't get saved! We hate those types of quizzes!

How we made this Border Collie quiz

If you’ve taken the quiz, or are reading this before you start to answer the questions, then you’re likely wondering how we created the quiz. Well, that’s super simple. We designed the questions to cover three aspects of Border Collie ownership:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your commitments
  • The typical Border Collie temperament

While the questions are very much there to be just a bit of fun, we made it so each answer is given a score. These scores are then tallied up at the end of the quiz, and if you score above 70% then it tells you that a Border Collie is for you!

Of course, some of the questions have multiple high scoring answers. So, if you’re worried that there’s only one “correct” way to answer the quiz, well then don’t! We’ve tried it ourselves multiple times and found that we can arrive at different answers multiple ways.

Should you take this dog breed quiz seriously?

Well, no. Not really. After all, this is a short quiz that’s free on the internet. We’re not sure you should take any of these sorts of quizzes seriously!

That said, we hope that it provides some food for thought. If you don’t get the answer you were expecting, maybe it’s worth just asking yourself the question about why that is. Does it mean that perhaps you don’t have as much time to exercise a Border Collie? Or does it mean that your lifestyle isn’t quite suited to the Collie temperament?

Alternatively, if the quiz ends up telling you that a Border Collie may be right for you, well then it’s probably still worth asking yourself some similar questions. Just because it says so, doesn’t always make it true!

For anyone curious about owning a Border Collie, the first thing we would recommend is reading our article on the pros and cons of Border Collie ownership. This is based on our own experiences, but should help to provide you with some useful insight.

If you’ve never owned a dog before, you might like our myth busting article about whether Border Collies are good dogs for first time owners.

You may also be considering an Australian Shepherd instead of a Collie – you can read about our take on the differences between these two breeds on this site too!

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